Beginners 10K Run | Tips and Advice | How To Get Started

Beginners 10K Run

As a beginner runner, a beginners 10k run might seem very daunting and scary. In this article you will find out how to get ready for your first 10K race. Here’s some advice and tips to help you prepare for your 10K race. This will ensure that your successful during your run. To make sure you are prepared before the race we have put together the essential pre race checklist.

Fuel Up Before Your Beginners 10K Run

For shorter races, you might have been able to get by not eating any breakfast or any other food. Your body is going to have to work a lot harder through a 10k race then it would for a 5K race and this is very difficult to do without any food in your stomach. At the same time, make sure you don’t eat too much food. I recommend to eat whatever makes you feel comfortable so that you’re not overly stuffed and can run easily. Make sure you get some protein in your meal and some carbohydrates for fuel as you run.

Avoid A Fast Pace

When starting your race you might blast out of the gate and run as fast as you can. This might work quite well for the first few kilometres of the race, but you’re going to quickly slow down as the race progresses. The main reason you don’t want to run too fast at the beginning because you’ll simply run out of energy. You won’t be able to keep pace with the rest of the runners. A good race strategy is to maintain a good pace and try to keep up with the pack. Running too fast too quickly is not going to be beneficial to you.

Drink Water When It’s Available

When you run into a water stop during the beginners 10K run, take advantage of this. it’s easy to dehydrate during a long race especially if it’s hot out. You will tire, and your running pace will diminish if you’re not adequately hydrated. Water is your best friend at during a race,so take advantage of all of the water stops that you can. You don’t have to drink all of the water given to you, but you should get some of it into your system to keep yourself hydrated as your run.

Avoiding Blisters and Chafing

You should apply a Vaseline or another substance to areas of your body that are prone to chasing. for women, this is usually the bra line.You should also ensure that you’re wearing proper running a clothing. It’s not a good idea to wear regular cotton clothing as this won’t work when you’re running. You should wear a synthetic blend of sock and not cotton, so your feet are able to breathe. you should also ensure that you have comfortable running shoes that won’t give you a problem as you run.

Mental Focus

One thing that will help you through a beginners 10K run is to stay mentally focused and sharp. You may need to deal with boredom during the race and with the discomfort that is going to come with running a long distance. You should focus on making in the next mile and not finishing the race. If you break the race down into manageable steps, it’s going to be easier for you to finish the race in a decent time. Stay positive at all times even if you are far back from the pack. Just remember that your goal is to finish the race and not necessarily win the race. Staying positive is one of the best things you can do during any long race.

These are some beginner 10K tips and advice that you can take advantage of. Running a 10k race as a beginner is a huge achievement and it’s something you should be proud of. Just do your best during this race and as you keep running, you’re going to become a better runner. If you want to know more about training for a 10k race my favourite author Hal Higdon has a very good novice 10k training programme.


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