The Best Budget GPS Watches for Runners

Budget GPS Watches

Want The Most For Your Money? Budget GPS Watches

Are you looking for the best budget GPS watches for runners for those on a budget? Getting a watch for running can be quite expensive, but there are some of the market that are lower-priced which still have great GPS features. Here’s some of the best models that you can choose from

Garmin Forerunner 35

This watch will run you around $200 or £129 and although it’s a little higher price than other watches, it gives you a lot for your money. It has great GPS reception as well as all day tracking of your activity for both your sleep and your steps. This watch also will last for 13 hours while it records your run. Other great feature of the watch is that it can monitor the heart rate at the wrist both night and day. You can send uploads to Garmin Connect which are seamless. It has a lightweight and slim design which is comfortable on the wrist. this watch comes with all the basics you need for running and the best feature is the 13 hours of battery life when it is on the GPS mode.

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Fitbit Charge 2

This watch will cost you around $150 or £100. This Fitbit will use the GPS feature of your phone to track your runs. The watch also features smart sleep tracking and knows when you have turned in to go to sleep. It features a vibrating alarm, but it won’t disturb the person you are sleeping with. This watch is perfect for most workouts and daily runs. it has a good Fitness tracker and a lot of features for runners that you’re going to love. The total battery life of this watch is five days.

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Polar M200

This watch will run you around $150 or £94.99. It has plenty of advanced features that you won’t find in other watches at this price. It has accurate GPS features, built-in heart rate sensor, and an activity monitor that will track you all day. This watch also comes with basic phone features. you can download your workouts and the watch will monitor your efforts during your training sessions. When the phone is in the GPS mode, the battery will last for 6 hours.

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Timex Ironman GPS

This watch is lower priced at just $99 or £52, but it does have a GPS features built into it. The watch has a 12-hour battery and you can see metrics for running, biking, swimming, and other exercises. this watch can tell you how far and how fast you’re traveling, and it connects via USB. While this watch doesn’t have a lot of the other features that some watches have, it’s a basic watch for beginner runners. The battery life of this watch is around 12 hours.

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Soleus GPS Pulse + HRM

This watch will run you around $200 or £140 depending on your currency. It has a great GPS feature and it’s quite accurate when compared to other watches in this price range. It has an excellent heart rate sensor. The sensor surpasses most other units in this price range. you can accurately transfer running data through this watch. And the watch battery will last you 12 hours.

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In Conclusion there are some great budget GPS watches at a lower price point. You will get the basic features that you need with these watches to help you with all your running endeavours. If you want to know how to get started with running check out our runners beginners guide.


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