Canal Canter Summer Extravaganza Race Report 2018

Canal Canter Summer Extravaganza Race Report

Welcome to my Canal Canter Summer Extravaganza Race Report hope you enjoy. I’m going to start this race report with a bit of background information. Having never ran this specific race before I was unsure of how competitive it would be.

However I ran a similar event in December 2017, ran by the same organisers. The event in December followed the same route so I was familiar with how the race would be ran. This race is “trail” because it is ran on the Leeds to Liverpool canal route. On this route you run along tarmac, gravel and stones as well as under and over canal bridges.

As part of the event day they run not only a 5K race but also a 10K, 13.1, 26.2, and an Ultra distance. All these races start at different times. These races sett off in different directions at different times of the day. If you enjoy my Canal Canter Summer Extravaganza Race Report let me know.

Race information


Goal Description Completed?
A Finish In The Top 5 Yes
B Win The Race Yes
C Sub 20 5K Split No


Mile Time
1 6.47
2 7:12
3 7:27
0.5 7:24


If you read my previous race report you will be aware that I have an ongoing knee injury which has affected training for this race. All my training runs have been very slow miles with no runs ran at any specific pace. The reason for this was I wanted to keep all my training easy to prevent my knee injury from getting any worse.

On the other hand, I have been going back to the gym. I wanted to put in some solid strength training to get my body stronger. Strength training will benefit my running. Additionally I have been following the best stretches to help with knee pain, a post I written to help me make my knee stronger.

Race Strategy

Going into the race, I knew there wasn’t going to be many people running. I knew this because I checked the number of people registered online. One bonus I had was that I have ran the canal route many times, as I used to live in the local area.

On the route you have to pass under two small bridges which are only wide enough for one person when running. It is important to get a good start in the race and be leading race early. This is to avoid getting stuck behind a slower runner when going under the bridges.


Prior to the race I woke up early and had my usual pre-race breakfast. This consists of scrambled eggs and a banana making me ready to run the race. Being a local 5K race not much preparation was needed before hand. I simply, got ready in my running clothes, and drove the short distance to the canal car park. At the start line I needed to collect my running bib.

The race was different from the race I ran in December. The reason for this was they had dedicated chip timing bracelets which each runner was given to wear around their ankle for more accurate results in their timings. In the previous race I ran. They used a similar system to parkrun. Where they have a volunteer using a stop watch to record people’s times.

Mile 1

Firstly when on the start line for the race, I made sure I was at the front of the pack. This was so I could give myself the best possible start. This was because 400 meters into the race you have to go under the first bridge. If you don’t get a good start this can end up costing you those extra seconds on your time.

When the race started I rushed off and took an early lead in the race. I knew if i started the race very quickly and built a strong enough lead, I might have a good chance of winning the race. This is exactly what I did.

Mile 2

The second mile is very important in a 5K race. The reason for this is that you soon realise if you set of too quick and ran your first mile too fast.

After the first mile I had built up a small lead in the race. and when i reached the half way point and was turning around, I was able to really see how big my lead had become.

Therefore this allowed me to slow down my speed and run at a more comfortable pace. But staying in control and keeping the small lead I had created at the front of the race.

Mile 3

Mile 3, the final and hardest mile of a 5K race. This is where the race really begins. You start to either slow down and get overtook or push on and win the race.

Luckily for me, I had been pushing hard enough to keep my lead at the front of the race. I was able to finish mile 3 with an even bigger lead at the front. As a result of this I was feeling very confident going into the final few meters of the race, once mile 3 had been completed.

Mile 0.5

The final push. Having never won a race before I wanted to give the final push my all and although this was supposed to be a 5K route or 3.1 mile. My Garmin clocked the race at 3.5 mile, a slight increase from 3.1. But I was still able to push hard and end up finishing 1st in the race. This was my first ever race victory so obviously I was ecstatic!

After the race I was presented with a small trophy. A goody bag and some sweets.

Summary Of My Canal Canter Summer Extravaganza Race Report

The overall event was organised very well. Especially considering the number of different races going on at the same time. Moreover I must give credit to the event organisers as they offer great value for money in the race. The entry for the race was only £8 and there was free cakes and sweets for everyone after the race.

What’s Next?

Finally I hope you enjoyed my Canal Canter Summer Extravaganza Race Report. If you are considering this race for your calendar and want more information about the race get in contact with me.

1st Place Canal Canter


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