Tips for Your First Running Race and What To Expect

First Running Race

Running your first race can be a stressful time. You might not know exactly what to think about the whole ordeal or if you’re going to do well. Here’s some tips to keep in mind for your first running race.

Avoid Stress

In the weeks leading up to the race, you want to avoid stress. If you have any sort of stress about the race, you want to try and address this issue. You should try to get adequate sleep, eat well, and focus on other things besides the race coming up. If you can avoid stress during this time, you’re going to have a better result when You race.

Get Ready for Your First Running Race

There are a few things you can do to get ready for the race. One thing that you can do is to go over the route before the race begins. Have a look at the race a few weeks before the actual event to see where you’re going to be running. You might be able to figure out some of the problem areas of the race route that might give you a difficulty. You can think of ways that you can address these issues when you’re running. You’ll find areas where you can gain running speed, where you can slow down, and areas that you have to be careful when you run.

Eat what’s Best for You

Before the race you should be eating what works for you. It’s important to avoid foods that are going to upset your stomach during the race. You should only eat enough food that is manageable for you. It’s not a good idea to overstuff yourself before a race. This is because you’re just going to feel uncomfortable as you run. You should also make sure that you fuel up in the weeks leading up to the race, so your body is fully energised for the race. Before the race, don’t eat anything too heavy about two hours before you run so the food has a chance to digest in your system

Keep A Routine Schedule

Before the race you want to keep a routine schedule. It’s not a good idea to try on a new pair of shoes before a race. For example your feet won’t have enough time to adjust to the new shoes. In the build up you should avoid new foods or drinks because your body might not be adjusted to the new foods. It is recommended that you wear clothing and shoes that are comfortable for you as this is what is going to help you when your race. You don’t want any sort of distraction when your race, so go with what is comfortable for you and stick to your regular routine before you race.

Race Day

On the race day you want to make sure you stay hydrated during the race, but you don’t want to drink too much because this will make you bloated. You should make sure that you arrive early for the race so that you can do a full warm up. We have put together an essential guide on how to warm up before a run.

Furthermore you should also take a bathroom break, and get ready for the run. On the race day, you should have a goal in mind about how you want to finish the race. As it’s your first raise, your main goal is to simply finish the race. You should not stress too much about your placement in the race. The reason for this is because you just going to get better the more that you run. Once the race is over keep moving so you can whine down your body which will help you avoid stiffness and soreness.

These are some tips that you can put to good use for your first running race. Just remember that your first running race is going to be something that you’re going to remember for a long time so don’t stress about it and just do the best you can. As you keep running, you’re just going to get better. The NHS have put together an article with running tips for beginners which might also be useful.


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