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Knee Pain

Stretches To Help With Knee Pain

The knee is a very complex joint and it’s one of the main problem areas that gets injured. Often suffers get an injury when running or doing physical activity due to the repetitive strain on the knee. Knee pain can be quite common. It can prevent you from doing the runs and exercise that you want to do. I have wrote some of my best stretches that you can do to reduce knee pain. By following these stretches you can get back to exercising again, quickly and injury free.

1. Supine Hamstring Stretch

By becoming more flexible in the hamstrings, you can actually reduce knee pain. To start this stretch you want to lie on your back and get in front of a doorway. The hips should be in line with the door entrance and the left leg should be straight out in front. Take the straight right leg and place this up on the door jam. You want to ensure that you have a small bend in the right knee. Then you want to crawl forward slowly, so you get a deep stretch. If there is less of a stretch you can crawl backwards.

You want to take 10 or so deep breaths as you do this and then switch to the other side. If you can’t find a doorway you can do this with a yoga strap. This will actually give you a better stretch across the entire back of each leg.

2. Calf Stretch

Another perfect exercise for knee pain is the calf stretch. When you have a tight calf there can be an inward movement of the knee which can cause pain. To start this exercise you want to step up on a step or the edge of a curb. Make sure the left foot is on the ground and at the ball of the right foot is on the curb or step. Allow the right heel to drop down below the step. You can hold this for around 30 seconds and then switch to the other side. This exercise can also be done by putting both feet on the step, curb, or a calf machine which you will find in the gym. If you use both legs, make sure you hold on to something to maintain your balance.

3. Hip Flexor and Quad Stretch

This is another great exercise for knee pain. You can lie on a bed or the floor on your stomach. Take a yoga strap or a loop belt around the right foot. You then hold either side with each of your hands. You want to pull on the strap or the belt gently. This will move the heel towards the buttocks. Once you feel a stretch in the quadriceps and hip flexors you can hold this for 30 seconds. Once this is done, complete the exercise by doing the other side.

4. Figure Four Glute Stretch

When you stretch the muscles that are responsible for rotating the hips you can help with knee pain. One way to do this is with the figure four glute stretch. You want to lie on your back and put your feet on the floor. You want to cross the right ankle over the left knee. Put your hands behind the left thigh and then pull the left knee towards your chest. Once this is done, repeat the next side.

These are some common exercises to deal with knee pain. If you have trouble with the exercises, there are always videos online that you can view which will show you how to do the exercises in more detail. Similarly if knee pain isn’t the only injury you are suffering from you can check out of article talking about the most common running injuries. If you knee pain is more severe you should contact your doctor or view the NHS article talking more in-depth about sprains and strains.


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