How To Deal With Muscle Soreness After Physical Activity

Muscle Soreness

There are several things you can do to reduce muscle soreness when you are runner or engaged in any other physical activity. Here’s the top tips to deal with muscle soreness so you reduce it to a great extent.

Stretching Before the Workout

The first thing you need to do to reduce muscle soreness is to stretch adequately before you run or do other activity You can find tips on how to warm up before a run here. You should be doing light stretches because this will help warm up the muscles of the body. Do a wide range of exercises for each muscle group in the legs such as the calves, the hamstrings and the other leg muscles. By doing a set of light stretching, you’re going to reduce muscle soreness in your legs after the workout. You should also ensure that you do stretching after the workout as this will also help reduce muscle soreness.

Warm up Before Weights

If your training your legs in the gym for running purposes, make sure you’re going through a warm up before you do any weight training. You should be doing some light cardio exercises such as jumping rope, jumping jacks, or even some walking on the treadmill. You should do this before using the leg machines in the gym because it’s going to help reduce the soreness in your legs after the weight workout. Once the workout is over, be sure that you’re also cooling down as this will also speed up muscle recovery.


Whenever you run it’s important to stay hydrated. This will help decrease inflammation, leg soreness, and a cramping from occurring. The best choice to stay hydrated is water. Moreover you want to avoid anything with sugar in it such as sports drinks. If you lose a lot of sweat as you exercise, you can add a sports drink as long as you’re still hydrating with water. Make sure that the drink that you consume is low in calories because if it’s high calories you may gain weight.

Recovery For Muscle Soreness

Here’s some common ways that you can deal with the muscle soreness if it does occur.

Ice it

One of the easiest ways to deal with muscle soreness is to ice the affected area. Some people will even give themselves in a nice bath. Athletes will do this on a regular basis to ice down their legs, so they don’t get sore. This should be done immediately after the exercise for the most benefit. It’s been shown through studies that cold water can reduce muscle soreness by a great degree.

Heat It

A few hours after you have an intense run you can apply a heating pad or other source of heat to the tight muscles. When you have muscle soreness and tightness, there can be pain involved and the heat can stimulate blood flow and it will loosen up any sore muscles that you do have.


Another way to deal with muscle soreness is to have a massage. This can help loosen up the tight muscles and stimulate the blood flow throughout the muscle. You can also do this yourself by self massaging any areas of your legs that are sore. This will reduce tension.

These are some of the ways that you can deal with muscle soreness as a runner. This can be achieved through any strenuous physical activity. Make sure you take care of your muscles and give them enough rest. If they are too sore to exercise again take an extra day to rest. Light soreness is fine but if the soreness is severe you will have to have a bit of a rest. Before you exercise vigorously again make sure your muscles feel good. The NHS Website has a good article about Why do I feel pain after exercise if you want more information.


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