The 5 Best New Runner Exercises | 5 Quick Tips

New Runner Exercises

New Runner Exercises

As a runner, there are several exercises you can do to ensure that you’re at the top of the game as you run. Here’s the five best new runner exercises that you should be doing on a regular basis to make sure each run a successful one.

Strength Training

The top exercise you should be doing as a runner is strength training. You need to ensure that your entire body is strong for running. It’s not enough to simply run, you have to have endurance, speed and a good physique. By strength training your body, you’re going to avoid a lot of common injuries that runners often face because their bodies simply aren’t strong enough for running. strength training should be a part of your running routine and an exercise that you do often as it will ensure that each run that you go on will be the best possible. You’re not going for a bodybuilder style at physique here, you’re just want to have adequate muscle size and a lean body that is strong for running.


Another great exercise you can do for your legs which will help you is a new runner is the squat. When you do a squat, you want to stand tall with the feet around shoulder width apart. I recommend you to lower your body as far as you can and then push the hips back as you bend at the knees. Try to pause in the squat and then slowly push yourself back up to the starting position. You should do around three sets of 10 repetitions when you squat. There are many different variations of squats that you can do including those with weights which can be very beneficial. This is a core exercise that you should do to improve yourself as a runner.

The Lunge

Furthermore new runner exercises such as core exercise are important as a runner. One of these is the lunge. A good start point is to start with the feet in a staggered position. Once in this position put your right foot forward. To do this you want to squat down so that the left knee is lowered towards the floor but not touching the floor. You want to lower yourself down for a count of 2 and then come back up for a count of 2. You can then repeat on the other leg and do a repetition of around 10 reps for each leg. The lunge is a great exercise for the legs and one you should do if you want to be a better runner.

The Bridge

For this exercise you want to lie on your back and had the knees bent. Your arms should be out, and the palms should be down. Draw the belly button in and then lift the hips up by pressing the feet into the ground. This allows you to contract the glutes, core, and then the hamstrings. You want to hold this for 5 seconds and do about 10 repetitions. There are many different variations of the bridge that you can do. However some of these movements are more advanced, so you can try those when you’re ready.


Another core exercise that you can do to become a better Runner is the plank. You want to start in the top of your push-up position. You bend the elbows and then lower yourself down until you can shift the weight from the hands to the forearms. The body should be in a straight line. You want to contract the abdominal muscles and hold this for 60 seconds. If you can’t do this for 60 seconds, try to hold for at least 10 seconds. Afterwards rest for another five seconds and complete the exercise for a total of 60 Seconds. Like other exercises, there are variations on the plank that you can do which will help you develop as a runner.

These are some of the new runner exercises that you can do as a new runner. It’s important to do other exercises besides running. This will help strengthen your body, give you more endurance, and just make you a better runner overall. If after these exercises you find yourself being stiff and in pain you will find out article all about muscle soreness useful. Alternatively you can check out the NHS website and running tips for beginners.


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