The 5 Main Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

Outdoor Exercise

What are the benefits of outdoor exercise is a question which people ask me a lot of the time and as the days get warmer and summer starts to approach the last thing you want to be doing is going to the gym to exercise instead of outside on a summers day.

With a little creativity, imagination and motivation any outdoor workout can really be better than your favourite gym workout. Exercise provides numerous mental and physical health benefits. Outdoor exercise also known as “green exercise” as it provides the opportunity to be active in an ever changing environment meaning no two workouts will be the same. Why drive to a gym to workout on a static cardio machine when the same exercise can be performed outside so take advantage of the long nights and warm days and exercise outdoors. If you are not yet convinced I have wrote some of the benefits I’ve found when doing a workout outdoors.

5 Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

1: You’ll Burn More Calories

When exercising outdoors you may have to deal with the wind which can offer a natural resistance. This resistance can help burn more calories in a workout as you are working harder in a strong headwind to overcome the resistance. Similarly a tailwind can help you move a little faster which can activate more muscle fibres in your body which is responsible for adding strength.

2: Low Cost

Exercising outdoors is a great cost effective and way to save money. If you have a strong drive and motivation to reach your fitness goals then being able to exercise outdoors will save you money. Rather than paying for a gym or other fitness membership. Some gym memberships require people to sign up for 12 month contracts which can be very costly.

People often blame cost as one of the biggest factors preventing them from exercising regularly where being able to go outdoors or even your back garden can be very low cost and even free.

3: Your Workouts Will Be Harder and Longer

Most people realise that working out indoors can become very ‘samey’ leading to boredom and fatigue. This is evident when running on a treadmill staring at the same point on a wall for miles upon miles. When you exercise outdoors you are seeing new sights, new smells, new people, new scenery and generally enjoying your workout. In turn giving you the motivation to workout longer and harder. I have also wrote an article on the benefits of cross training which you might find useful

If you were to challenge yourself and run indoors then run the same amount outdoors, compare the differences. I can guarantee You would find running outdoors would on average be a faster pace as the environment is more stimulating and enjoyable. Evidence proves you feel more energetic and your levels of tension and anger decrease.

4: Vitamin D

When being outside in the sun it is an excellent way of getting some Vitamin D which in turn makes your appear more healthy. Every time your outside and the sun is shining on your body its triggering your body to produce more Vitamin D.

A Vitamin D deficiency can lead to brittle bones, osteoporosis and a bone disorder called rickets.

5: Ease of Access

If you were to ask people what there main reason for not exercising regularly people often say lack of time. This is putting a barrier in place to prevent them from exercising. This can be a number of things such as driving to the gym or other workout places. Also being stuck in traffic, being in a crowded gym. Finally not being able to use the equipment you want when you want. By working out outside you can reduce any time constraints you have. Nearby parks, local hills and trails are excellent places to workout. MapMyRun is a great website to plan routes and look at the local area for workouts.

“Dont Waste Any More Time, Just Get Out and Go…”


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